Fresh Air Edit

Type: Air Evocation, Defensive Maneuver Power: Varies; a minimum of 5 shifts for effect and area Control: Roll Discipline plus specializations and focus items, invoking aspects as appropriate Target: the Air in One Zone in LOS Duration: One Exchange Opposed by: See Notes

Effect: This is a quick and dirty air purification spell. Good for clearing smoke or buying some time if you are being gassed. It does not stop the air from becoming contaminated again, just cleans what is there. One zone should cover an average room. Puts the temporary aspect "a breath of fresh air" on a zone.

Variations: The 5 shifts break down lie this: 3 for the maneuver and 2 to affect a zone. You can up the power if the air is particularly foul, add zones to cover a larger area (at 2 shifts per) or add shifts for duration (one exchange per shift).

Notes: For most uses, like clearing the smoke from a fire or carbon monoxide from a bedroom, I would recommend no opposed roll, since this just buys you time; it doesn't solve the problem. The GM may rule that certain gas attacks have Weapon ratings and may oppose your roll with that (say, if you are on a train and someone released Weapon:6 Sarin gas...).

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