Demon Lord (Deep One)

High Concept: Demon Lord Other Aspects: Skinwalker, Do Not Summon If You Wish To Live, Enemy Of God, Limitless Cruelty, Legions Of The Damned Skills: Epic: Conviction Fantastic: Discipline, Lore Superb: Intimidation, Presence, Contacts Great: Deceit, Empathy, Resources Good: Rapport, Scholarship, Performance Fair: Burglary, Craftsmanship, Driving Average: Endurance, Investigation, Fists, Guns Stunts: Fanatic's Attitude (Conviction): Use Conviction to defend against social attacks. It Is Entirely Reasonable To Be Afraid Of Me (Intimidation): +2 to Intimidation against anyone who knows what the Demon Lord is capable of. Demon Lord (Contacts): May use Contacts to acquire minions. Legions Of The Damned (Contacts): May use Contacts to declare the presence of lesser demons. Powers: Marked By Power (Satan, or perhaps himself) [-1] True Shapeshifting [-4] Modular Abilities [-12] (Capable of changing the catch for toughness powers, so all catches are worth 0) The Sight [-1] Gaze Of The Damned [-0] (Reflavoured Soulgaze) Evocation [-3] Thaumaturgy [-3] Sponsored Magic (Hellfire) [-2] Refinement [-7] Physical Immunity [-8] The Catch (Holy Stuff) [+2] Guide My Hand [-1] Unrighteousness [-2] (The counterpart to Righteousness) Unholy Touch [-1] (The counterpart to Holy Touch) Sponsored Faith [-1] (May take sponsor debt instead of spending fate points to fuel True Faith powers) Magic: Evocation (Fire, Water, Spirit): +1 spirit control, +2 fire power, +3 fire control Thaumaturgy: +1 necromancy complexity, +2 diabolism control, +3 diabolism complexity Foci: Triangle Chain (+2 offensive power to hellfire), Square Chain (+2 offensive control to hellfire), Pentagon Chain (+2 complexity to diabolism) Enchanted Items: 4 potion slots (strength 6) Total Refresh Cost: -48 Refresh Total: -10